Justin King is a multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer, producer and composer whose pioneering style as an acoustic guitarist earned him international recognition early in his career. He signed with Epic records from 2004 to 2007 and in 2010 founded  Vinegar Hill Sound recording studio, in Brooklyn, NY. Justin currently resides in Oregon where he creates music for film and television as well as continuing to produce his personal work. Justin's other projects include photojournalism work in Iraq, Haiti and South Africa and working with his family's company, King Estate Winery, in Oregon. 



Justin's Oregon studio was designed with producing music-to-picture in mind. The studio is set up to work quickly and efficiently and as a multi-instrumentalist, Justin is able to create complete productions entirely on his own. With 15 years of experience as a recording engineer and producer, he is able to call upon a deep knowledge of recording platforms, virtual instruments and other tools required to meet the needs of any project. His personal work ranges from groundbreaking Fingerstyle acoustic guitar to Americana/pop songwriting to productions in the vein of Frank Ocean, Bon Iver or Flume. His ability to relate to and compose a broad variety of musical styles is a feature that sets him apart.